Lady Longchamp, 2000 Hanoverian mare by Longchamp out of EM Dazzle Me. Bay with star and snip and four white socks. Stands approximately 16.0 hands.

Lady is a wonderfully easy mare to care for.  Her quiet temperament makes is very easy to work with her. She is an excellent mother, she settles easily, and she has smooth easy deliveries.  She had two months of dressage training during the summer of 2008 at Cross Creak Equestrian Center in Hamilton, OH.

Lineage includes the Thoroughbred stallion Lauries Crusador, the L-line foundation, who raced as a 2 and 3 year old in England. His lineage is traced back to Welsh Pageant, Tudor Melody, Hyperion, Square Note and High Top. Lauries Crusador came to the State Stud Celle in 1991 and quickly won over the local breeders with his presence, quality and exceptional movement. In 1994, six of his sons were licensed, including Longchamp. Lauries Crusador is known for improving the frame of his offspring. He puts on long legs and big shoulders. His offspring also have very good minds and are cooperative and trainable.

Longchamp won the dressage section of his Stallion Performance Test and placed 2nd overall out of 43 stallions in 1995 with exceptional scores for all 3 gaits, character, temperament and rideability. He was 1995 Reserve Champion German National Three-Year-Old Riding Horse.

Eisenherz is the foundation of the E-line in Hanoverian breeding. This group has had a big influence on the breed in general, but especially in dressage and jumping ability. Longchamp’s lineage is traced back to Eisenherz I.

Dolman, head of the main branch of the D-line, sired Duellant who founded a big group of stallions, very good in conformation and movement and with great dressage talent. Duellant’s most influential son was Duft II, sire of Duerkheim, a very respected sire of dressage horses in Germany in the State Stud.

The G-line is represented here through the influential descendent Grande, who was noted primarily for his inner values, which resulted in high performance testing of both himself and his offspring. Grande has produced over 33 approved sons, 34 State Premium mares and several Olympic competitors.

Lady Longchamp is now with teamwork dressage at JILBA in Catharpin, VA.